This pandemic has taught me a lot. It’s shocking to learn that the world we live in is so fragile to the black swan events and how much we have underestimated the systematic risks reside in our lives. But on the positive side, we as human beings are also extremely adaptive. There is nothing stops you from leveraging any adverse situations as opportunities to grow.

Among many of the disruptions and inconvenience living under quarantine, what hit me the most is not being able to keep up with my workout routines. Fitness is such an essential part of my lifestyle…

It is well known in the fitness community that you can train everyday but you probably can’t train yourself to death everyday. You need to pace yourself and allocate enough time to recover so you can come back much stronger. A lot of elite athletes attribute their longevity in sports to active recovery. Instead of idling or pushing to another hard training sessions, they all developed alternative ways and routines to get better even when they are not training. I was inspired by this interview with Lebron James and his trainer Mike Mancias on the Tim Ferriss Show.

Granted we…

I turned 30 year old in November 2018. For most people, mentally this is where we start getting comfortable. We tend to distance ourself from the younger version and start to accept certain limits of our abilities. If you are like me, we used to party all night drinking and eating whatever we want but still miraculously manage to be in good shape in our early 20s. But at one point we realized that we started to put on a few extra pounds then we told ourselves sure I can burn those fat off. …


2017 has been a special year for me. I never thought I could achieve so many things in so many perspectives of life. I attribute most of my achievements to a series of habits stacking through the year. And things I learnt from varies of Podcasts I listened to are the source of my inspirations. I can’t wait to share with y’all so your 2018 can off to a good start!

A list of my favorite Podcasts listened in 2017:

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

About the show:

Oh man where do I even begin with this! Tim Ferriss is described as a best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, interviewer and self experimenter. But to me…

Zach Chen

Data Scientist @Spotify, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle experimenter, and Music fan living in New York

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